LS25 Weights Mods | Farming Simulator 25 Mods

In order to have your machinery function as well as possible, you need a lot of extra peripherals. That’s what weights are for – giving your pull and tractor to your machinery. If you are not happy about the current selection of weights on Farming Simulator 25, you are not alone! This is where the modding community of LS25 came in: offering some excellent LS25 weights mods for you to download and use! Expand the current list of options with plenty of the Landwirtschafts Simulator 25 weights mods, and build the perfect setup for your type of farmwork. All of them are completely free of charge to download, and installing them takes just a couple of minutes. Expand what’s currently available on the game – download these LS25 weights mods, and enjoy a much bigger selection.